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Good As New and In Record Time, Since 2004!

At Platinum Collision, we have a team of certified collision repair technicians specializing in a variety of techniques in order to provide the ideal body repair solution for your specific make and model of vehicle. Click through the following specialties in order to learn more about these services and the technologies we feature:

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Welcome to the future of dent repair!

You know those minor dents and dings on your vehicle that you feel like you HAVE to live with because it "cost too much" to have them fixed? Consider them a thing of the past with our specialized paintless dent repair technique.

Most dents can be repaired quickly and affordably. You have no reason to worry about paint matching or peeling, because the dents in your vehicle are repaired without removing your factory paint.

Don't worry with more expensive, more invasive solutions that require painting, color matching, and longer downtime for your vehicle. Paintless Dent Repair at Platinum Collision is fast, easy and affordable.

How easy? Call now to discuss your dent repair needs with one of our certified team members - (972) 564-0002. Or simply click here to schedule your appointment online.

Collision Repair

If your vehicle has been involved in a collision, our full-service collision repair facility offers a tradition of service and world-class craftsmanship. We are dedicated to restoring your vehicle's appearance to a like-new condition.

Our technicians are I-CAR trained and certified, which means they have gone through a rigorous and thorough training process in the latest collision repair technologies and techniques. All of our work is guaranteed.

Unibody and Frame Repair

Unibody and frame repair are vitally important to the integrity of your vehicle. Not only do we work to restore the original look of your vehicle's cosmetic appearance, we ensure the safety and integrity of the frame itself. Therefore, our specialists perform a thorough damage assessment of your vehicle to evaluate any structural damage to the frame. We start by placing your vehicle on a high technology unibody/full frame repair system for diagnostic testing to determine any frame adjustments that need to be made. Computerized frame straightening equipment is then utilized to realign the structure of the vehicle, with the goal of providing a structurally sound vehicle for you and your family.

We welcome you to call now for an estimate,(972) 564-0002. or click here to schedule an appointment time online.

Windshield Repair

At Platinum Collision, we work to solve small issues now before they become big problems in the future. Did you know that an annoying little rock chip on your windshield can easily turn into a long crack that may require replacement of the entire windshield? If the chip is not repaired right away, temperature variations, road vibration, and normal driving conditions can affect the chip. Eventually, this normal use of the vehicle can create a crack that spreads across the full windshield. Save the time, money and headache that can come with windshield replacement, and allow us to implement our specialized windshield repair method.

Is your windshield already cracked? We can certainly handle this as well. Contact us now for an estimate!

Total Wheel Alignment

Improper wheel alignment is one of the leading causes of premature tire wear. A Total Wheel Alignment form Platinum Collision can add thousands of miles to your tires during the life of your vehicle. Additionally, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Better Gas Mileage - Gas mileage increases as rolling resistance decreases; it's a matter of simple physics. Total alignment sets all four wheel parallel, which helps minimize rolling resistance.

Improved Handling - Does your car pull to one side? Does the steering wheel vibrate? Do you constantly have to move the steering wheel to keep your car traveling straight ahead? Many handling problems can be corrected by total alignment, providing a smoother, more comfortable and safer ride.